Public Open University is an institution registered in 2001 with purpose to educate adults in the Republic of Croatia. All the programmes included have been approved by the Ministry of Education and Science.  In the course of eighteen years we have carried out  over  a hundred different programmes of education. During that period we have frequently collaborated with the Croatian Employment Service, as well with the employers. By monitoring the needs of the labour market we have been conducting educational programmes for the unemployed.


For a number of years we have been active in numerous projects  of  the implementation of European Funds, as bearers and as partners. We have many years of experience in writing,  carrying out the projects, merging the entrepeneurs, experts and other stakeholders. Our aim is to carry out the most successful projects by means of constant education. This has enabled us to offer our partners even the services of assistance, in order to bring  their projects to the end in the most efficient  way. Working together with the Institute for Research and Development  of the Market we have created the platform for the online education so that our attendants and partners could follow it and conduct  its implementation via videoconferences and webinars.


Our head office is situated in the very centre of Zagreb and our branch offices, working in co-operation with our partners , are in all significant cities in Croatia.

Speaking about  labour force and about providing the services of education , with the admission into the EU,  Croatia has gained greater mobility. So, to our foreign partners we can now  offer assistance in spreading their business on the territory of the Republic of Croatia.

We are looking forward to our possible future collaboration. You can contact us freely if you have any suggestions or projects.

Andragog team